G20 Summit 2023: Now G20 becomes G21, African Union gets permanent membership of G20

G20 Summit 2023: The G20 Summit started in Delhi on 9 September. Many superpowers of the world are currently present in India. Meanwhile, PM Modi made a big announcement during the first session of the meeting, due to which from now on G20 will be called G21. In fact, the African Union got permanent membership, which includes 55 countries.

What is G20?

The G20, or Group of Twenty, is an international forum that brings together the world’s major economies to discuss global economic issues and promote cooperation. The group was formed in 1999, in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, and includes 19 countries and the European Union. Over the years, the G20 has played a significant role in shaping global economic policy and responding to crises.

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Role of India in G20 Summit

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What is G21?

In a historic move, the G20 summit has recently undergone a transformation, expanding its membership from 20 to 21 countries. The inclusion of a new member will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for the world economy, governance, and decision-making processes. This development marks a significant shift in global affairs and signals a new era of cooperation and inclusivity.

However, in recent years, there has been growing interest in expanding the G20 to include more countries. This has led to the emergence of the G21, a proposed group of 21 countries that would include the existing G20 members plus Argentina, Indonesia, and South Africa. Finally, the African Union gets the permanent membership of G21.

Benefits of G21

The significance of the G21 lies in its potential to bring together a broader range of countries with diverse perspectives and interests. This could lead to more inclusive and effective global governance and cooperation on issues such as trade, climate change, and development.

What is the difference between G20 and G21?

However, there are key differences between the G20 and G21 that could pose challenges for the new group. For example, some G20 members may be reluctant to expand the group, while some G21 members may have different priorities and agendas than the existing members.

G20 Summit 2023: Now G20 becomes G21, African Union gets permanent membership of G20

Challenges for G21

However, the transition from G20 to G21 will not be without its challenges. As the group expands, reaching a consensus on critical issues may become more complex. Ensuring the equitable distribution of influence and decision-making power will be crucial in maintaining the credibility and effectiveness of the expanded group.

Despite these challenges, there are many prospects for the G21. By bringing together a diverse group of countries, the new group could generate fresh ideas and perspectives on global issues. It could also help to address some of the criticisms of the G20 as being too exclusive and dominated by a few powerful countries.

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Implementation of G21

The implications of the G21 for global governance and cooperation are significant. If successful, the new group could help to promote a more inclusive and effective approach to global economic policy. It could also help to build stronger relationships between developed and developing countries, which could be crucial for addressing issues such as poverty and inequality.

Expectations from G21

In conclusion, the emergence of the G21 is an exciting development in global economic governance. While there are challenges ahead, the potential benefits of a more inclusive and diverse group of countries working together are significant. It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the G21, but one thing is clear: the global economic landscape is changing, and new approaches to governance and cooperation will be needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The expansion of the G20 represents a promising step toward a more inclusive and dynamic global governance structure. The addition of the African Union to the group sends a powerful message that a concerted effort is underway to bridge the gap between developed and developing economies. It demonstrates a commitment to addressing the pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges that affect us all.

FAQs About G21

Is G20 now G21?

Yes G20 becomes G21 after the African Union gets permanent membership of G20 Group.

Which edition of G20 in India?

This is the 18th edition of G20 which is going on in New Delhi India.

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